Employee Benefits

Company sponsored ice fishing with the crew circa 2021

Benefits At Great Lakes Roofing

As an employee benefit, we offer paid training and always have a spot on the crew for someone with the right fit.

Our dependable Crews work hard at roofing Monday through Friday, then spend nights/weekends with things they love. That could be you!

Do you love to talk about your fantasy football team while you work? Then you’ll fit in great here! Love video games, Airsoft, and fishing? Maybe 4 wheeling is more your speed… – our Crews enjoy that too.

New Hire FAQ’s

Great Lakes Roofing Benefits

Infographic detailing employee benefits at GLRC. Some create the Employee Experience, others you can opt into voluntarily. All full-time employees receive the same base benefits. Production members receive additional benefits yet
Benefits at Great Lakes Roofing

Helping Employees Achieve Goals

2 roofers pictured next to a stack they are wrapping to make the roof watertight

It’s not just about having free time and enjoying your work, but you’ll also gain peace of mind working at a growing corporation. With the steady work we have, you’ll be able to afford that hobby you love! 

What solution can we help you create? New motorcycle? Buying a house? Do kids need braces? We’ve got paychecks to reach those dreams and beyond. 

Want to hear more about how our Lead Roofers will make a million dollars over the next 15 years? Let’s discuss our paid training and career advancement opportunities. 

Great Lakes Roofing Corporation is hiring Roofers /Repair Technicians at each of our branches – Germantown, Madison, and Appleton.