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Does your team perform regular roof maintenance?

Ours can!

We offer services such as annual and quarterly roof checks to determine if any repair work is needed. Great Lakes Roofing has a dedicated team of technicians able to identify problem areas on your roof and tell you the best course of action to avoid deterioration before it’s too late.

Count on our Crews to provide leaf and snow removal, gutter cleaning, and drain clearing. Leaf removal helps avoid clogged drains, slow-flowing gutters, and chemical deterioration of your roofing system. The acidity of decomposing leaves prematurely breaks down roofing systems leading to cracks and leaks. We know working at a height comes with risk, so our skilled technicians follow safety guidelines during all regular maintenance. Performing roof regular check-ups will extend the lifespan of your roofing system.

Fall Leaves Pile Up
Icicles can be warning signs

Winter maintenance checks can also be preventative by noticing ice build-up that would prevent spring drainage. Both seasonal and daily freeze and thaw cycles threaten the integrity of a roof. The weight of snow alone can cause crippling damage to buildings. Even if snowfall seems light, it can collect on a rooftop differently than in yards. Make sure your roof isn’t out of sight and out of mind.

Don’t let your roof’s maintenance plan fall to the wayside. An improperly maintained roofing system can cost facility owners far more in the long run once significant damage has occurred.

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