Our mission is to be our clients’ trusted partner and first choice for roofing solutions

To achieve our mission, we are guided by 4 Pillars: Safety, Customer Service, Quality, and Employee Experience.


In this message from GLRC’s President Chris Lampien, learn more about the 4 Pillars on which Great Lakes Roofing Corporation has built its success in commercial and industrial roofing.

Services We Offer

Part of a 2-person repair team works to identify and mend a leak on a snowy rooftop


When a roofing issue crops up, act quickly for repairs before more damage is done. Our teams are standing by 24/7 to address your roof repair needs, no matter how big or small.

Overhead image of partially completed re-roof project


Commercial buildings come with regulations, concerns, and headaches. Don’t let your roof be a source of problems. Ease your concerns by investing in a customized roofing solution with GLRC.

Grass and small plants growing on a rooftop with cleaning brushes


We offer annual and quarterly roof checks to determine if any repair work is needed. We have a dedicated team of technicians able to identify problem areas on your roof to recommend the best course of action.

specialized services

Specialized Services

There are many factors to consider for your facility. Count on Great Lakes Roofing Corp. to meet your total roofing needs including metal fabrication, light pipes or skylights, snow rails, safety systems, and more…

About Great Lakes Roofing Corporation

Creating Roofing Solutions Since 1983


Let us create a roofing solution for you.


The experienced staff at Great Lakes Roofing Corporation understands how roofing projects vary greatly—each requiring unique consideration.


We think of ourselves as not just roofers but as solution creators. Founded in 1983, GLRC is still family-owned and operated. We’ve been creating roofing solutions across the Midwest for nearly 40 years, and we’re not slowing down now.


From local branches, we service all of Wisconsin, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Iowa, Minnesota, and northern Illinois. Our experience ranges far and wide across many building types from food processing facilities to machine shops, commercial storefronts, and apartment/condo buildings. We’ve also covered schools, houses of worship, and warehouses.


No roof is too steep, no leak is too elusive for the roofing professionals at Great Lakes Roofing Corp.


Call us today at 800-871-5151

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Project Showcase

Each project has unique elements, but our goal is always the same; create roofing solutions that leave your building watertight. Whether your building is a house of worship or a school, a commercial storefront, or an equestrian barn, each building type has the same need – keep the weather out.

This project gallery is just a sampling of the buildings we’ve completed recently, our 40-year portfolio is diverse across building types and sizes.