It all starts with Safety! 4 images of on-roof safety: safety monitors, our safety box, and a worker harnessed and tethered carrying a roll of roofing membrane

At Great Lakes Roofing Corporation

Everything Begins With Safety.

Our Motto: “Be Safe or Die”

It simply drives home the point that safety is a top priority for every employee, every day.

Safety isn’t just a detail we cover in a briefing, it’s our way of life!

be safe or die

Our safety concerns extend beyond our employees.

Trust Great Lakes Roofing Corporation to keep you, your employees, customers, and building assets safe.

Mandatory weekly safety meetings for all crews and office staff keep proper safety considerations at the forefront.

In addition, we hold an annual company-wide Safety Day with training exercises and educational keynote speakers detailing the latest in safety policies and procedures.

Wisconsin Corporate Safety Award – 9-time Winner

So far… we’ve been honored with this award 9 times. We aim to be worthy of it every year. This prestigious award serves as a continual reminder of where our priorities lay.

The Wisconsin Safety Council promotes safety and health programs. They offer resource services and educational materials for community outreach.

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Extensive Safety Considerations

We prepare to meet your expectations by asking the right questions. Customer service teams ensure your project starts on the right foot.
When our Field Manager arrives to assess your roof, they’ll incorporate the building’s interior too. Knowing more about the building’s layout beneath the portion of the roof being worked on creates key safety details. Later, they’ll take photos of your building’s whole exterior to consider a variety of elements that could impact your project.

Together, we’ll discuss building access to avoid interrupting your usual flow of people and vehicles. Planning is critical so crane loads never cross over doors or walkways.

Clearance from overhead wires, light poles, signage, and other potential hazards must be mapped out too.

Your unique roofing needs will be met with customized solutions. We aim to exceed your expectations at every step of the process.


Custom Designed Projects

During your roof assessment, Field Managers accurately measure every detail of your roof. They take core samples of your roofing substrate. (These holes get sealed before we leave) Then, using CAD images and photos our estimator will detail your project down to the number of screws needed.

Because each project is unique, we plan for as many variables as possible. Written safety plans are crafted to meet each worksite’s specifications. We plan waste containment, Crew truck parking, and which crane to use. All of these details and more make up your customized Job Book.

Expert Planning and Execution

Experienced Field Managers, Project Foreman, Material Handling Professional, Operations Managers, and Assistant Operations Managers discuss the details of your project. This team ensures no detail is overlooked. We even prepare for the details that may not go as planned.

Your customized job is in good hands, and your building will be water-tight when GLRC is on the project. We’re “here today, dry tomorrow.”

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