40th Anniversary

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Great Lakes Roofing Corp.

Great Lakes Roofing Corporation was founded in 1983 and we’re proud to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary. This milestone decade has us looking back at how far we’ve come. Don Puccetti started GLRC to create roofing solutions with integrity and no nonsense. That goal has not waivered or dulled over the decades! We’re still serving communities across the Midwest with award-winning quality.

Similarly, our preference for large pick up trucks has not waned. Purchasing our first company pickup truck in 1984 was cause for celebration and a photo. Only difference now is the trucks look more contemporary and the logo has been updated.
Growing into a mature office space with truck bays and inventory storage in 1990 was an even bigger deal! We no longer operated out of a basement, had rotary phones or Rolodexes. From those humble beginnings, we’ve grown to include three full branches, a material handling hub, and satellite locations to serve our furthest customers. Happily, our Rolodex turned into a cloud-based CRM and contacts on our cell phones.

Throw-back photos from the early days

We’re so grateful for the early GLRC employees who paved the way for us here today, and for all that we have now. Perspective and time to consider the distance traveled and the strides taken to get here, 40 years later, fill us with admiration and appreciation.

Thank you also to all of the customers who have trusted their roofs to us. We understand that consumers have options, and we appreciate being your choice for roofing solutions.

Celebrate with Us

We’re very excited to share with you, our Cause for the Quarter! We’ve chosen four special community members to celebrate and lift up with extra community-building efforts over the course of our celebratory anniversary year.

Follow along and join in the fun!

Building community comes in many forms, and we’re celebrating those who contribute by donating blood.
Your gift of donated blood provides a direct impact to our communities. One unit of blood donated in less than an hour can serve up to 4 individuals.
Blood banks are always in need of donors. After donating you may even receive refreshments like juice and cookies.

Click on the awareness ribbon to learn more about donating and find your nearest donation center.

Click the image to link over to the WINGO site

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is a nonprofit organization that includes 89 local “friends” chapters around the state.
Their volunteers preserve, promote, protect, and enhance Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas. 
In past years “Friends” has sponsored new campfire rings, bike racks, and picnic tables. Other projects include trail, water access, and all accessible improvements at sites across the state.

This year’s WINGO challenge is designed to get you out and exploring! Each quarter has a new “bingo” card to fill in and submit for prizes.
Snap a selfie or share a pic on Facebook, and tag #fwspwingo.

Camp Hometown Heroes is a non-profit organization that offers support and healing through a week-long summer camp with other children who have experienced a similar loss. Attendees are the children or siblings of fallen US Service members. These children, ages 7 -17, from across the nation gather to build interpersonal bridges that alleviate the sense of isolation created by their grief.

Camp illuminates other kids’ similar experiences and fosters community beyond our hometowns. Of course, there are cabins, campfires, and fun summer activities too!

Learn how you can support the CHH mission

This nonprofit was founded in Milwaukee and offers services across the world. These free services from hand-selected, professionally-trained Mentors serve as a complement to a medical team.

Learn more about healthcare options, appearance products, or resources that can help with the financial aspects of your journey. Maybe you’re not quite sure what to say to someone with a new diagnosis, or how to talk to your children about all of this. Whether you’re a patient, survivor, or supporting someone’s journey through breast cancer, ABCD has a mentor that understands.

While we’ve modernized elements like Rolodexes and our pickup trucks, some fundamental aspects of Great Lakes Roofing Corp. have held up over the years. Our 4 Pillars continue to provide us with a strong foundation upon which we’re building the future of this company. Customer Service, Safety, Quality, and Employee Experience have brought us to our 40th Anniversary, and we’re confident that our core values will continue to steer this corporation in the right direction.