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When a roof is past repair, a re-roof is necessary

Commercial buildings come with regulations, concerns, and headaches. Don’t let your re-roof be a source of problems!

Work or time lost due to a leaking roof creates financial waste, and Midwest weather can be rough on roofing systems. Ease your concerns by investing in a customized re-roof solution with Great Lakes Roofing Corporation.

The benefits of a re-roof are plentiful! Cost savings from reduced maintenance, extended life of your roofing system, and reduced energy consumption are expected. Our durable, single-ply re-roof membranes have a proven track record of reduced maintenance and repair costs. What’s more, the white color reflects the sun and has energy-saving properties recognized by Energy Star.

As a result, facilities with optimal interior temperatures rely on a combination of white reflective membranes and superior insulation systems. Our crews are specially trained to create roofing solutions guided by your goals, your budget, and scope of work, which leads to timely and efficient project completion.

Well-versed in building codes and safety guidelines, our re-roof teams have experience with a variety of building types. GLRC covers a wide spectrum of buildings from restaurants that experience deterioration from grease, fire hazards, and health codes to manufacturing facilities.

GLRC is here to listen to your needs and concerns, then deliver your customized project. Whether your project is big or small, a custom re-roof will meet your building requirements, and keep your building watertight.

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