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Specialized solutions to elevate your facility

Count on Great Lakes Roofing Corp. to meet your total roofing needs. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of some specialized services we offer to compliment your roofing solutions.

Metal Fabrication – Our in-house metal fabrication shop is ready to take on any demands your facility requires. We custom tailor all metal applications to your building. From edge detail to gutters, metal applications create building cohesion and curb appeal. Metal fabrication in-house avoids scheduling delays or cost changes with a subcontractor. Additionally, our commitment to quality provides you with the most leak-resistant and long-lasting products.

Apollo Light Pipes  – Welcome ambient light into your facility without sacrificing the roofing quality you depend on from Great Lakes Roofing Corporation. Light Pipes maximize every ray of sun that hits your roof with built-in, innovative diffusers. The diffuser makes Apollo Light Pipes more effective than a simple skylight, and more advantageous to you.

Snow Rails and Snow Gems – Accumulated snow on sloping roofs can be dangerous. Snow control devices can help! There are options to slow and control the slide of snow. Together we’ll determine optimal placement, considering safety and potential ice dams.

Edge Melt Systems – From WI Ice Dam Solutions – These systems are designed to eliminate ice dams and snow build-up. They reduce the risk of winter damage to your roof and surrounding property. Consider having them added to traditional problem areas, or do the full stretch of your perimeter.

Safety Systems – Our Field Managers can help your team assess, design, and implement customized safety solutions. Textured walkways, enclosed ladders, barrier warnings, and fall-safe skylights are just a few items to consider. These systems incorporate safety plans into your regular roof and building maintenance. They are also fully customized to your building.

Insulation Systems – Improve the efficiency of your metal roofing by installing insulation layers. Choosing the proper type of insulation can have a big impact on your energy bill, and it plays a vital role in the success of a roofing system. Great Lakes Roofing’s knowledgeable team is ready to give you a detailed rundown of the type, thickness, and method of installation of all the insulation systems available for your roof. Our crews are trained to properly install all types of insulation.

Crane Rentals – Our material handling crews can come help at your sites! Great Lakes Roofing Corporation owns a variety of crane types to suit your project’s needs. Our cranes make loading and unloading any job manageable. Ask about our crane services today.

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